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Glitter Hair Salon Offers Quality Services and Glamorous Results

View the Glitter Gallery for Glitter Hair Salon in Martinsburg, WV. It is smart to ensure that the salon and cosmetologist you visit can provide superior results.

This is why we provide high-quality, detailed photos of our clients’ results from various angles. Our gallery consists of high-profile and precision haircuts, hair color, highlights, hair treatments, perms, facial waxing, and more. We proudly serve clients from Charles Town, WV, Winchester, VA, Hagerstown, MD, Spring Mills, WV, and Inwood, WV.

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Spectacular Hair Takes A Little Special Attention

The most glamorous hair styles take time and special attention to detail. These details include using the right tools and products for the job. The team at Glitter Hair Salon has the skills and equipment, which we pair with the superior products from these lines:

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Glitter Hair Salon & Day Spa Services the Following Areas

Jefferson County, WV
Charles Town

Berkeley County, WV
Spring Mills

Frederick County, WV

Washington County, MD